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Why hire logan for Your Next Event?

Audiences Don't Even Glance at Their Phones

You need a powerful kickoff to the event you've worked so hard to plan. Or the perfect exclamation point to finish. That's why you hire Logan Mallory, the professional speaker with a quick pace, unmatchable energy and actionable insights on how leaders can:

-Quickly level-up their team members
‍-Maintain vision, energy & momentum
-Find happiness in today's business environment

Captivating from the start of every session, your audience will leave Logan's keynote with inspiration they can act on.

Keynote Sessions

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Upgrading Your Team Today: Ideas to Immediately Improve Your People

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Beating the Burdens of Leadership: Focus on You First (...Or at Least Some)

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Times Have Changed: Today's Rules for Leaders Trying to Find Happiness

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