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Upgrading Your Team Today

Ideas to Immediately Improve Your People

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Keynote Summary:

The more senior you are within an organization, the more "people problems" become a primary focus of your time and efforts. If you aren't actively helping them progress, then the people you're responsible for can become a drain on the financial success and culture of your company. Plus, your influence as a leader is one of the biggest drivers of whether or not people are engaged at work. So what are you doing about it? How are you taking care of everyone that looks to you as a leader within your organization? You're truly missing out on powerful results if you aren't focused on these key leadership behaviors:

-Empowering everyone to have a voice
-Creating psychological safety around failure and mistakes
-Addressing the "small" problems
-Acting like a coach instead of a mentor
-Be curious not judgmental
-The importance of appreciation

When leaders are intentional, even small changes can have immediate impacts. Join Logan for an entertaining and quick-paced session on how to inspire your people right now.

Your Audience Will Learn:

  • How leaders can encourage participation, gather ideas from all employees, and have a broader vision of what's happening throughout the team or organization.

  • The importance of acting like a mentor instead of a manger and action steps leaders can take to show their sincere interest - a powerful approach with Millennials and Gen Z.

  • Why individuals withhold their best efforts at work and what leaders can do to provide a psychologically safe environment that improves culture and increases impact.

  • What the US Surgeon General suggests workplaces do in order to combat a lack of wellbeing within workplaces, a problem that costs businesses billions of dollars each year.

Beating The Burdens of Leadership

Focus on You First (...Or at least Some)

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Keynote Summary:

When you're responsible for managing people at work, it comes with a very real set of burdens. The goals of the company, the expectations of employees and your own personal wellbeing create a Venn diagram that can be difficult to manage. And perhaps it's never been harder to be a leader than it is right now. The expectations from investors or board members are never ending. The needs of every employee are different and change from day to day. And despite how it may look, work isn't the only place you're trying to be successful in life.

The answer isn't demoting yourself to an individual contributor role...the  responsibilities and benefits of leadership are absolutely worth the work. But you'll see better results, succeed longer and be more at peace when you see the problem and potential risks of ignoring your own needs.

Join Logan for an empowering session where leaders are given permission to take care of theirselves and then given practical and inspiring ideas to help them beat the burdens of leadership.

Your Audience Will Learn:

  • What are the most frequent and intense issues causing burnout and stress among people leaders. When you can identify the issues, you are more capable of overcoming them.

  • How to reset their thought process and break cycles that are deeply ingrained. This allows leaders to maintain their strengths while reducing some of the risks they face.

  • The potential risks associated with ignoring the burdens of leadership. Studies show the impact of avoiding self-care for leaders can cause mental and physical health issues.

  • Inspiration on where to start, how to enlist support and create a plan that allows them to more realistically manage the burdens of leadership.

Times Have Changed

Today's Rules for Leaders Trying to Find Happiness

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Keynote Summary:

So many leaders followed the path they were told would lead to happiness. Society, academic institutions and parents told them, "If you want to be happy, go to college, get a good job, buy a house and make your way up the corporate ladder." Believing that plan would work, they checked all the right boxers only to be anxious, broke and unhappy. They carry that lack of happiness throughout the work day and then back to their homes at night.  What if they had the wrong formula for happiness?

The rules for how to be happy have changed and it's time for leaders to adjust their playbook accordingly. The secret? Be a "Force" for Good. Here's a preview of what that looks like.

-F: Failure isn't Final
-O: Observe Often
-R: Remain Resilient
-C: Coach & Be Coached
-E Express Enthusiasm

When we focus on obtaining happiness the right way, we're better leaders, better contributors and better corporate citizens. Join Logan for a session that redefines your way of thinking and puts happiness within reach - a distance you likely haven't experienced yet! 

Your Audience Will Learn:

  • Why the path most leaders follow doesn't lead where they expected. Despite good intentions, they got advice that set them up to be unhappy. But it's not impossible to correct that mistake.

  • A frame work around the idea of being a "force" for good, the activities and attitudes that make all the difference in your search for happiness.

  • Unless you redefine success, it's likely you will always be disappointed. Once you can change your thinking and set an obtainable bar, happiness is within reach.

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