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A note From Logan

"A Force for Good"

A long time ago I decided that I might not ever be the CEO of a Fortunate 500 Company. I realized that I might not become a respected US Senator or the richest person in my network. But I wondered what could happen if I redefined what success meant to me.

What if my definition of success was simply to be "a force for good"? What if I could consider myself successful based on how I support, lift and care for those around me?

So that has become my focus. Some days it happens in the form of helping a stranger or writing a LinkedIn post that inspires my professional network. Often it's in how I lead my team, care for neighbors or love my family. And when I'm in front of your audience, being a "force for good" means empowering them so they can lead more powerfully. It means helping them shift their perspective or overcome an insecurity.

It means inspiring each leader at your event, so when they go home they'll decide to be "a force for good" in their own way too.

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Logan's Background

Logan Mallory is a professional speaker on leadership, culture, and living a great life. He has spoken to tens of thousands of audience members internationally. His storytelling and relatable approach inspires audiences, but more importantly they go back to the office with actionable ways to improve their leadership efforts. He has been retained as a keynote speaker on leadership within countless industries, including: financial services, academia, technology, human resources, government, marketing, etc.

Offstage, Logan is the Vice President of Marketing at Motivosity, an organization that helps companies create winning cultures. As part of the executive leadership team, he has helped grow revenue by 4x in his tenure and established the marketing team within the organization. Prior to Motivosity, Logan held leadership roles at LogMeIn, Jive Communications and Workfront. In 2023 he was honored as a Utah "40 Under 40", an award that celebrates professionals who are changing Utah’s business landscape. Logan is also an adjunct professor at BYU's Marriott School of Business where he teaches marketing and strategy courses. He is in the middle of the publishing process and plans to release his first book in fall of 2024.

Logan has personal ties to Michigan, Texas, Utah and Washington. His wife, four kids, and poodle are all his favorites.

Real Insights About Logan's Leadership Style

If you're hiring Logan to speak on leadership, you should know about his personal leadership style. Sure, his resume provides some powerful insights: A tech executive, an adjunct professor, an MBA, a LinkedIn influencer, a 40 Under 40 honoree. His experience is filled with constant growth, recognizable logos, awards and acquisitions.

But you'll get a more meaningful understanding of how Logan's leadership impacts others by hearing what team members have said about him:

  • "That's the kind of leader Logan is. He sees your untapped potential and believes in you more than you believe in yourself. He trusts you, pushes you, and expects great things from you...He genuinely listens and cares about his teammates as people..."

  • "Logan Mallory is one of the most dynamic, hard working people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His enthusiasm and “scrappy” get-it-done attitude is infectious to the teams he leads. He is a sincere leader that welcomes criticism, and team input in pursuit of the team's best interest."

  • "He does not shy away from crucial conversations with executives and is willing to admit when he doesn't know something. He doesn't fake things and fail, he takes the initiative to learn with others and help an organization grow together."

  • "I feel like I've known Logan for a long time because of the unique impact he has had on our business community. Logan is brilliant and shining a light on the good things that happen in the community, building up those around him...When Logan speaks people listen..."

Logan's Core Topics

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Powerful Leadership

Leaders need a fresh approach when it comes to guiding their teams. The old approach won't cut it anymore.

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Leadership Culture

Your style as a leader has a direct impact on the culture of your team and company. Make sure it's the right impact.

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Self-Care for Leaders

Employees aren't the only ones that are burnt out. Leaders need a plan to take care of theirselves so they can thrive at work.

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Finding Happiness

Your professional successes will never be enough. Leaders need a realistic perspective on how they can find happiness...and not just at work.

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reasons to hire

Logan Mallory


Actionable Insights

Great keynotes drive change after the event. Logan focuses on ideas attendees can implement.


Memorable Stories

Heard how Logan saved a woman from being mugged? There's more where that came from!


"Top Conference Voice"

Logan has been recognized as a "Top Conference Speaking Voice" by LinkedIn.


Drama Free Partnerships

Expect zero ridiculous needs or requests when you hire Logan. He's a low maintenance partner.


25,000+ Social Followers

With more than 25,000 followers, Logan can help bring awareness to your event or organization.


Relatable Experience

Sure, the Obamas would be exciting speakers! But Logan offers a relatable executive presence.


Powerful References

Event planners with decades of experience vouch for and rave about Logan's 5 star keynotes.


A Tailored Approach

You'll love Logan's sessions, but if you need something customized, he can tailor content for your event.

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